Caitlyn Wessels | Hillhouse Legal Partners

Caitlyn Wessels

Law Clerk

Caitlyn is Hillhouse Legal Partners' resident law clerk. With a sharp eye for detail and personable approach, Caitlyn has fast become a valuable member of the Hillhouse team since joining us in 2018.

Caitlyn is fascinated by the relevance of law across all industries and enjoys the challenge of researching case law in order to uncover facts. Currently studying a dual degree in Business and Law, Caitlyn is gravitated to employment and commercial law.

Caitlyn is passionate about contract law and equity and combining the knowledge she is learning from her business and law degree to view problems from a more holistic perspective.

,, Hillhouse provides the best environment for me to learn from the firm's experienced lawyers across many different fields, which will help me to further focus on what practice area I want to pursue after my admission.