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David Burrough


Former Director and present head of Hillhouse's Hotels, Accommodation and Resorts division, David has almost forty years' experience as a legal practitioner. With an exceptionally high level of expertise in his area of practice, David has constructed leasing agreements over the course of his career that have become widely adopted across the industry.

"I find it a great thing to have an enthusiastic client wanting to talk to you about their business. They're such genuine, hard-working people ... I really enjoy it."

In 1987, David together with Ian Hillhouse co-founded the law firm that would go on to become Hillhouse Burrough McKeown, now Hillhouse Legal Partners.

David's expertise applies across a vast spectrum of accommodation law, from rural tourist facilities to international hotel acquisitions. He uses his skillset to simplify the experience for his clients and ensure transparency.

He has made a long career by taking the time to understand how his clients feel about their businesses and life goals, and tailors his advice accordingly. David has witnessed the success of his clients grow exponentially over the past 20 years and measures his success against their own.

,, That's the real achievement ... watching people grow personally and commercially in the industry is a great thing.