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Ian Hillhouse


Former Managing Director of Hillhouse Legal Partners and now a senior consultant, Ian has been with the firm since its inception in 1991 and has over thirty-five years' experience in law.

Experienced in commercial law, estate planning and estate administration, Ian has contributed greatly to the existing success of Hillhouse. Ian works with a range of clients across areas of asset protection, mining and exploration, partnerships, contracts and aged care law.

In recent years, Ian has led the Wills and Estates division, providing clients with the simplest plan for the succession of complex family and business structures.

“The estate planner must find a way to apply what is often a simple wish (everything to my wife and to my children) to the complex structure. That is the challenge.”

Ian is noted among his colleagues as being reliable and consistent in his roles, and as a consultant is able to offer advice and assistance across every division of the firm. He continues to prioritise the happiness of his clients and treats their prosperity as a measure of his own success.

,, People's appetite for risk (and ability to absorb failure) varies enormously. We ensure clients fully consider the cost and benefit risks involved in their plans.