Hillhouse Legal Partners values the community in which we live and work in and we have a long history of supporting programs and charities that enhance and improve the wellbeing of those around us. As well as participating in fundraising as a team for a variety of causes, we also encourage each of our staff members to individually participate in charitable activities and support organisations close to their heart throughout the year.

In recent times we have supported:

  • Wesley Mission Queensland – providing a Christmas celebration in a bag to families, children and individuals who would otherwise miss out on the joy of Christmas.
  • Keystone Private Foundation - allowing businesses and individuals to pool resources together in order to provide larger gifts to charities and organisations who have the greatest needs.
  • The Variety Bash - helping children and their families with much needed specialist equipment, therapy and medical supplies.
  • Bridge to Brisbane - raising money for individuals.
  • Queensland Mental Health Week – promoting individual and community mental health and wellbeing, boosting awareness of mental illness, stigma and discrimination and celebrating the contribution of the mental health and community sectors.
  • Fundraising - we regularly host team events to support organisations such as a `pizza party' for R U OK day and morning tea to support RSPCA's Cupcake Day.

Please get in touch if you have a charitable initiative that you would like us to be involved in.